How to Enter license to software?

When software that without correct Enter license startup,the following window is displayed:

license dlg

Please enter license by follwing steps:

  1. Type your name into Registered Name Edit box.
  2. Copy your license Key and paste into License Key Edit box, your licnese key will be found in license info, too.
  3. Click Registry button.
  4. restart software.
  5. Congratulation to you. you are successful in enter license.

IMPORTANT: When entering your licensing information, make sure you enter the license key exactly as they are shown on your license certificate, including all capitalization and punctuation. Otherwise, software may not accept the license key or may not register your information properly. You may wish to copy and paste the key from our message into the form, to avoid typos.

If you doní»t know How to copy and paste, please see how to copy and paste.

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