When you purchase an Kingzm product (on the Web or elsewhere) you're not automatically registered as a customer. The first time you install the product, you have to register online using the online form.

The first time you register an Kingzm product, you have to create a customer account (specifying a new username, a password, your name, address...). Once this account is created (don't forget your username and password), you can register several Kingzm product using it.

Your personal information be kept strictly confidential and not given or sold to anyone.

Also, All recent releases of our programs are provided with a Product Key. This key is unique to you and will permit our services to authenticate your copy. You'll need it to access all our future online features (upgrades, support, downloads, special prices...). Don't loose it.

We strongly recommend you to register your products to get the following benefits:

Free upgrades. This is Axialis lifetime license. Buy once and get free upgrades for the rest of your life. You need to register to access our online upgrade system and get the latest versions for free.

Priority support. Registered customers are treated as priority users.

Receive special rebates and news. You periodically receive special news and rebates on new products in your mailbox.