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What is Flickr? is a popular image and video sharing social network.

   Users upload and store their media online and share them with others, either on Flickr with tagging or by embedding them elsewhere on the Internet. Flickr is especially popular among bloggers.

What is Flickr Spider?

Flickr Spider is a special downloading tools that it could be used to download photos which are in Flickr website.

   With the aid of Flickr Spider you can easily download the photos what you want from Flickr website ,simple to Use, you would got all the photos only need a few steps.

Why I need Flickr Spider?

    if you crazy about photos, are eager for all kinds of scenery, animals, portrait photos, you are attracted by the beautiful photos those on the flickr website,and suffered from hand save that each time you can only save one photos.
   So flickr Spider is just what you need. Flickr Spider keeps you out of distress which you needs hand save. the only one thing you need to do is choose the photos, then, all of the else work , flickrSpider can help you seal the deal after all.


What is the difference between the Flickr Spider software and other flickr photos downloading software?

  1. Managing downloaded photo album.
    Flickr Spiders manages every author's complete set of downloaded pictures. you can browse, update, search, delete the pictures set.
  2. Independently download some photos.
    If the network does not work well, photos that downloaded will not be shown completely, under such situation, this function can be used to download this photo again.
  3. Updating author's newest uploading.
    After a period of your downloading some author's picture, when the author uploading some new pictures, you can use updating function, only to download pictures that are uploaded in this period.
  4. Wait until incoming network connection again
    If the network disconnect,flikcrSpider can wait for until incoming network connect again.


What type of user is the target for Flickr Spider software?

  • As long as according with Flickr site rules and regulations and the copyright of the author,and no matter have Flickr account or not, you can use Flickr spiders to download photos.


Explain in full detail Flickr Spider 's main function.

User interface

   Flickr Spider has an easy-to-use and attractive interface, divided into three sections: Download task list, Photos set list and Photos Browser. As expected, the Download task list area displays download tasks, the photos set area displays photo set under task while the Photos Browser area provides a browser which will lets you to browse photos of each photo set.

How to use Flickr Spider to download photos?

    First, find interlinking of author's set of pictures, like this "", please notice that the interlinking must consist of "set" part. click button "create new task", copy and stick to address column, click the start button. then wait for a moment, in this period, according to number of the sets of pictures, as too much sets take longer time, flicker spider will show a selective list in which thumb and number of each set will be shown, you can choose the set or complete set which you are interested in, then click to finish. finally, Flick Spider will download all the pictures you have chosen.


What other functions does Flickr Spider offer?

  1. Allow you to download photos through a proxy server.
  2. Allow you to view photos in various ways: panel view, thumb view, slide show, and so on.
  3. If the network disconnects, Flikcr Spider can wait until network connects again.
  4. Allow you to download multiple pictures at same time.
  5. Allow you to download photos doesn't require a Flickr account.
  6. Without annoying ads.


The introduce of the flickr Spider's edition

   Two editions of flickrSpider are available based on your needs. flickr Spider Professional Edition and flickr Spider Free Edition

   The difference is that the free edition can download 20 photos each time. the Professional edition without this limit. except this ,there is no different from two edition.If you only download bits of photos, You can use the free edition. And if you want to download larger numbers of photos , it is strongly recommended that you buy professional edition, you can enjoy a free upgrade for ever!

Professional Edition Price

$19.90 USD

Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

1.Mainstream Windows 32-bit / 64 - bit operating system platform.

2.Dot Net 3.5.

    Before contacting KingFriends team to ask a question about a product, please check the Frequently Asked Questions
to see if there is a known answer.

    If you find a bug, or think you may have, please contact us with complete information so that we may fix it. .

Please read the following information carefully before you download any photos through Flickr Spider

    Flick Spider use a Web service from flickr website service to download the pictures, is perfectly legal.When you download the photos, please follow the flickr web site's download Terms & Conditions, and the copyright of the authors.don't post, share or distribute copyrighted must register as a legal flickr member before using flicrk Spider download.and download those photos which the author allowed,and should not be used for commerical use.
    You are solely responsible for the risk of download photos to used in copy,distribute. will not be liable for any damages that you may suffer in connection with using, modifying, or distributing any of the photos.

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