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  1. Who are we?

    KingFriends Software is an information technology company. We specialize in the development of high-quality software for businesses and individuals. Looking forward to the future, we will continue to persist with providing you more useful software and higher quality service to fulfill your software demands.
  2. What do We Offer?

    Our company is focused on developing software products for photographers and artists. We build products that let users download image from many website, and sync new gallery. Year after year we have continued to develop and expand, investing in technology and quality of products.
    We also offer Freeware Tips & Free Resources of great value. Generally, our products have some free software in order for you to have more choice to meet your requirements. We offer you some practical and helpful tips in terms of these free software characters, so you can get more information as well as much knowledge when you use our products.
  3. Why choose us?

    KingFriends has perfect software and superior customer service to make you voluntarily choose us. And we'll spare no effort to answer questions about our product if you contact with us. The most important is that we'll keep improving the functions and performance of our products. We believe that with your support, KingFriends products of much higher quality and stability is just around the corner!

KingFriends Official Site: www.KingFriends.com


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